Beware of the Great Business Sabotager - the Holidays!
For a lot of businesses the holidays bring the last minute rush of sales before the year comes to a close.

For other businesses and their owners the holidays create distractions for them that the ringing of the cash register doesn’t seem to help.

Here are a few distractions (or what I call excuses) that I hear from clients, prospects, colleagues, and anyone else who is looking to postpone activities:

• “Businesses stop buying December 1 until after the new years”
• “Business owners don’t see vendors or suppliers during December”
• “No one will be out at the event they stop going in December”
• “Business Owners won’t spend any more money this year”
• I could find others but will stop here...

How many of you have heard these statements (excuses) or have used them yourself? You can admit it, no one is monitoring you...

Fact is a great many businesses close the most business in Q4 and especially December. Why?

• They have equipment and other assets they can still buy, use their budget and get tax benefit from it
• They have unused money and budget that if it goes unspent they will not have it next year
• Knowing budgets can be changed, often decreased, the next year, they want to spend it now
• The holidays get them in a great, open and social mood and mindset, and having beneficial, value added discussions with partners and service providers, can lead to great opportunities for them and their business
• Never underestimate the power of a fun business or networking holiday socials offering food and cocktails for great sales meetings!
• Hopefully, they have their 2010 plans laid out, they know what they will need to have in place when Jan 1 comes along in order for them to achieve their 2010 plans, so they look to research, assess and determine to spend now or later (it is your job to get them to do it now!)

Bottom line: a lot of businesses are making a lot of money this month. Do not close up shop before all of your customers have an opportunity to meet with you, learn what you have to offer them, and can decide if they need it now! You will surprise yourself on December 31 if you continue to meet with customers and prospects; heck invite them out to a holiday lunch, thank them for their support and partnership this year, and truly believe, if you have something of great value to them, they will want to know of it and buy it ANYTIME of the year - especially now!

Have a prosperous December!