Email BAD, Revenue GOOD!
There is a number of productivity and energy drainers that I could talk about that have a direct impact on the revenue that you are capable of or actually are generating in your business. However one specific activity drains not only revenue directly from your wallet and bank account, it also can consume you 24X7 leaving you unable to accomplish much of anything else in a given 24 hour day.

Email is not only the biggest drainer of productivity but more importantly, it is also the least valuable and profitable activity a business owner could do throughout a given business (revenue generating) day.

Email rarely delivers you a ‘closed deal’, it rarely brings customers to you, it does not ring the cash register, or hang the sign out telling your customers about your products (okay it can do that via email marketing). Yet a majority of business owners spend hours of the day behind their desk reacting to email instead of creating, implementing and executing ways to generate revenue.

Don’t believe me? Test it out yourself: for 5 days this week make actual note of the minutes or hours you are spending doing email; which could include scanning it, reading it, responding to it, creating new emails, etc. And don’t forget your cell phone email time: since it is ‘crackberries’ that drain the largest amount of time from their day reacting to email.

Let me know your results! I guarantee you will be amazed and appalled as my clients are when I have them do this exact exercise.

Coaching Tip of the Day!

Do NOT allow email to consume your day and drain your revenue generating time that is so critical to your business.

REMEMBER, the prime time hours of your work week should be spent GENERATING REVENUE. So, unless your emails are generating money for your business, you have to minimize or eliminate it from your core business hours.

Tip! Get control of your email:

1. Schedule on your calendar the time before, during and after your prime work hours that you will do email
* First thing in the morning prior to your prime business hours
* If your lunch hour is downtime for you, allocate part of that time while eating your lunch to do email
* After prime business hours

2. Allocate a specific amount of time you will focus on doing your email
* For example, I propose to clients to spend 30 minutes in the morning, at lunch and in the evening to do email - NO MORE!
* Once that time is up you close down your email. This will force you to scan, prioritize, and only focus on those emails that are critical

3. Scan your emails and unless there is $$$$$ attached to them, do NOT react to them until your allocated time

4. You can hold all information only, newsletters, etc. that are emailed to you for weekend reading.

Remember, unless there is $$$$ attached to your email, you should NOT spend time on it during REVENUE GENERATING minutes or hours during your day!

Focus and prosper - I promise