The Entrepreneur’s Prosperity Map
What are your goals for your business, your money, and your life?

What is the purpose, vision, and goal you have for your business? Do you employees, customers, vendors, partners, friends, and family?

What plan do you have in place to ensure that where you want to get to can be achieved by the time you want to accomplish it? How about exceeding your goals, does your plan support that?

You can look at this in a much simpler way...

If you were going to take a road trip from New York to LA...what is the number 1 thing you would ensure you have before you get in the car?

If you said a map or GPS, you would be right. You would never think to get in the car and take off for the 3000 mile ride without a map. And even before you would drive out of your driveway, you would have taken a great deal of time to create a route you wanted to take, that may:

* be the smallest number of miles
* have great sites along the way
* hit all of the big cities
* provide for a lot of sight seeing
* have great food stops, waterfalls, amusement parks...whatever your liking

You would have spent time scribbling up the map with a lot of notes of what, why, where, when, who and how you are going to get from NY to LA.

The same mapping or planning should or MUST be applied to your business in order to ensure you will reach the dreams and goals you have for owning, starting, running, and overall sweating the business.

Yet, I have to tell you, 99% of the business owners, who call themselves ‘entrepreneurs’ (an over used word) do NOT have any kind of plan in place. Often exasperated I ask them “how do you expect to get where you are going if you do not know how you are going to get there???”

They rarely have a response for me.

Your call to action:

Prepare yourself mentally and physically to finish the year off with a bang, and be prepared for next year.

Today’s coaching assignment: get yourself psyched up to get your plan in place and make a commitment to yourself that you will do it. Write out the commitment on a piece of paper and mail it to yourself in a few days. By the time you receive it back be committed to having a plan in place!