Three Steps to Achieving your 2010 Goals and Dreams!
We all know that life goes so fast and at a blink of an eye another year will be over. We are already a full week into the new year (unless you are like me and consider new plans, goals or resolutions on Mondays) and realistically before we know it Winter will be over and it will be Spring soon.

I don’t say this to sound negative or with the glass half empty, but to be sure we are all being realistically of how important it is to have a plan for life, business, our relationships, our passions.

Its the core reason that I spend a great deal of time of talking to you, my clients, prospects, family and friends about establishing a list of their dreams and to turn them into actionable plans that they can be focused on executing; before time just slipppppssssss away.

In a recent post I outlined 3 easy steps, as repeated in the following excerpt from one posting:

1. Write out all of the goals you have for each of the following (remember to be detailed):

* Business or Career
* Finances and Income
* Health and Fitness
* Family and Relationships
* Spirituality and Religion

2. Pick the Top 1-2 from each category

3. Assign a Date you want each of the goals accomplished this year

There is your Yearly 2010 Goal Plan...

Now we need to address that most people give up or fail at accomplishing their goals because they focus on the ‘year end’, 12 month objective, which is so far off. So they do not put the energy and motivation behind it. They race out of the gate with great intention, then allow that 12 month goal to slow their momentum, afterall “I have 10 more months to achieve it”...unfortunately, they never regain the energy and focus, and never reach their goal.

So lets focus on taking that year long goal down to a more focused, near term, ‘do it now’ Monthly Goal, that will allow you to focus on smaller steps to achieving the overall Yearly Goal. We will focus on taking your Yearly Goals to a monthly Goal, so you can get moving NOW to your year end success.

Step 1: Take your above prioritized Yearly Goals, one at a time, and determine what do you need to accomplish this month to get you closer to that Yearly Goal.

• For example, if you want your business to earn $100,000 in Revenue, what do you want and are set up to achieve this month. If you want to attain 20 new clients all year, what does that mean for this month. If you want to lose 10 lbs, what do you need to lose this month.

Step 2: Now that you have a month Goal and Projection to focus on, list out ALL of the tasks and activities you need to get done this month in order to reach that first Monthly Goal.

• This list could include marketing strategies, selling strategies, administrative activities, obtaining resources, buying applications/tools or technologies. Include all of the things needed to be done in order to get to that month objective.

• This list could get NOT get overwhelmed. We will work on culling that down to a doable list.

Step 3: IMPORTANT...since your above list could be long...EACH DAY, pick the Top 3 things from your list that are the most important and critical and will contribute the most to this month's Goal.

Step 4: ONLY focus and execute on those Top 3 items completely until they are completed.

• REMOVE all distractions, constraints and barriers to getting those 3 things completed.

• If you get stuck, frustrated, unsure of how to get it done, reach out for support: a mentor, business friend or partner, or a business coach. Do NOT allow yourself to continue falling short of your will just fall short of reaching your dreams...ASK for help.

You now have a great plan for focusing on your Yearly Dreams and Goals in a more near term realistic achievable Monthly Plan. Repeat the above Steps each month. And you can lay out your Monthly Goals now from your Yearly Goals...but specific tactical actions will change as the weeks go by, so you do not need to spend a lot of time on the specific action plans for future months...just stay aware of how what you DO or NOT DO each day of the current monthly plan will impact the next month. So, if you want to stay ahead of your plan, focus single mindedly on your daily plans...and feel energy, motivation and confidence soar!

Good luck and have fun!