Three Steps To Sanity In Your Business!
Do you want to know what would bring real sanity and calm to you and your business, as well as generate energy, focus and confidence?
Follow these 3 steps:

1. Commit to your success - you deserve it
2. Verbalize and write out your goals
3. No matter how small or large the task– define, document and execute the task in the same manner each time

A great percentage of people do not truly believe deep down in side they deserve success therefore they do not commit themselves to achieving the goals and dreams they have. And those dreams and goals are your SUCCESS measures, no one else’ it may not be tons of money, a big house with a boat. It simply could be a happy family, a nice comfortable lifestyle and a good education for the kids.

• Whatever it is you deserve to have it! But you will never get it if you do not BELIEVE in it! If you do NOT believe in you!
o Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is given the right to succeed. BELIEVE that you deserve it and you will obtain it, no matter what it is.
• Setting goals is a key element to overcoming the above...
o A factor for people in not believing they deserve it is that they do not realize the capacity they have to achieve their goals.
o Set your goals, focus single mindedly on each of the major ones until they are 100% accomplished
o And plan to fail at it once in a while, or even a cannot get to success without first going through matter what anyone says.
o Then BELIEVE that the achievements you make, whether big or small, will begin to confirm your DESERVING of success!
• Define, document and execute tasks and activities
o Too many people especially business owners start from scratch the same activity or function they need to perform in their business, each and every time they need to do it. Or they simply go at it by the seat of their pants, creating duplicate effort and cost, as well as headaches. i.e. paying bills, processing invoices, ordering supplies, writing proposals, taking orders, updating customer or lead information, writing and publishing newsletters or marketing materials, etc.
o No matter how small the task, if you do it more than ONCE, slow down and take the time out to write out the steps and process you go through to complete that task. And reuse that process or steps the next time and every time you perform that task.
o Work hard to never start from scratch those things in your business that you have to do regularly (any more than once)...automate or process it out and REUSE

Challenge yourself and pick 1 of the above 3 steps and single mindedly focus on executing and practicing that step over the next 21 days! I guarantee you that if you do, you will find sanity and calm in yourself, your business, your team, and in your life!

Have fun!